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Many Jews are unaffiliated and intimidated by organized Judaism. Yet they yearn for Jewish connection and meaning. To meet this spiritual and cultural need, the Breslov Research Institute (BRI) focuses its efforts on rejuvenating the Jewish soul through the teachings of the wise sage Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810).

Rebbe Nachman’s philosophy is a natural bridge between ancient Jewish wisdom and modern self-development. His teachings offer tools for practical and achievable growth in character-building, self-esteem, caring for our fellow man, and injecting faith, joy and simplicity in our daily lives. Rebbe Nachman’s insights and sayings also appeal to non-Jews who wish to tap the deeper spirit inherent in Jewish thought, faith and practice.

Shortly before his passing in 1810, Rebbe Nachman told his followers that his influence would long endure. Indeed, centuries later, we see new generations of readers being enthralled and inspired by his writings. Since 1979, BRI has produced authoritative translations of Breslov works in the major languages spoken by modern-day Jewish communities: English, Hebrew, Spanish, French and Russian. Our library of over 100 titles also includes original works based on Rebbe Nachman’s teachings, and self-help and how-to books for applying Rebbe Nachman’s wisdom to daily life. BRI also publishes children’s stories based on Rebbe Nachman’s famous parables, and recordings of traditional Breslov songs and melodies.

In recent years, BRI has expanded beyond its pioneering publishing activities to play a crucial role in the development of the growing worldwide Breslov community. When English-speaking Jews began to return to Uman, Ukraine, the burial place of Rebbe Nachman, for the annual Rosh HaShanah pilgrimage, BRI invested in a desperately needed guest center so that newcomers would have a comfortable experience. Throughout the year, we send Breslov teachers to your hometown and hold Shabbat celebrations filled with the joy of Breslov. And we take full advantage of digital technology to bring education and spirituality to every Jewish home.

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