Day by Day: Chok Breslov – A daily dose of Rebbe Nachman


Rebbe Nachman dispensed practical advice to all people in all situations, showing us how to find the greatness in ourselves and come closer to God. The Rebbe’s prescriptions for physical, spiritual and emotional well-being deserve constant review. If only there was enough time in the day to study every single one of the Rebbe’s works!

Now there is!

Day by Day lets you review ten major Breslov books each day in the form of short, interesting excerpts. The Rebbe’s profound insights and personal inspiration will color the rest of your day, helping you meet each new challenge with confidence.

The set contains 13 books, one for each month including a special leap year volume.


Day by Day, is a new concept to help you master the whole of Breslov teachings – and make Rebbe nachman’s guidance and encouragement part of your everyday life.

each day, you’ll spend a short time studying excerpts from ten major Breslov works. On this schedule, you’ll complete all these books in a year’s time. These include the Rebbe’s seminal teachings: The Aleph-bet Book, Rebbe nachman’s Stories, Tzaddik, and Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom. Also included are works by Reb Noson which exemplify and illuminate the Rebbe’s teachings: Kitzur Likutey Moharan, Reb Noson’s Prayers, and Reb Noson’s Letters.

Each softcover volume contains a complete month of study. A thirteenth volume is provided for the extra month (Adar II) in leap years.

Rebbe Nachman’s teachings are transformative, bringing fresh perspectives to everyday trials and challenges. Day by Day, let Rebbe Nachman be at your side, guiding and encouraging you to succeed in this world and the next.

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